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When Looking at a Grow Tent (What you should know, and consider).

When starting to grow indoors, not matter what you are growing, a Mylar lined grow tent will maximize the amount of light each plant receives. Due to its high REFLECTIVE capabilities, and durability, these tents will help maximize your yeild by allowing you to create the best environment for possible for the plant.

Full Mylar Tent Set Up with Fan, two LED lights, exhaust, timers and a trellis.

When you are considering a tent, most people simply consider size (dimensions) when shopping. This is very important, but NOT the only criteria. After a close comparison between 3 of the most popularly used tents, you will see how size isn't everything.

When initally looking at a tent, the amount of ventilation holes/flaps should be another imporant piece of criteria to consider. The side vent holes allow you to;

These 3 reasons are just some of the top reasons for considering ventilation holes, but of course too many holes could lead to a lose of heat and or humidity.

The other factor to consider is whether its mesh or plastic view/ventilation windows. Between our 3 compared tents, the MarsHydro has solely mesh windows, where the VivoSun has a mix of both. This would make a difference if the room your tent is in has a stable temp or fluctuates(basements/garage).

The next factor to consider when looking at a new tent would be how much light bleeds from the tent. More bleeding means less reflecting and lost of rays, also makes incospicuous growing a little more difficult. The most common place for the light to bleed is through the Zipper, Ventialtion holes/windows, and side seems.

As you can see when comparing the 3 tents,each tent has a different amount of light that bleeds through, and if you keep this in your bedroom, may also make trying to sleep a little more difficult.

The next thing is more for convenience, which is the availability of side pockets and bottom tray. Side pockets make storing your tools and every day needs in a easy and convenient location. Most tents do come with this accesory, but be careful not all do.

As well, the lower tray makes cleaning very easy. Most tents will come with this as well, but the difference will be how tight and rigid it is. The Marshydro uses tie yourself method, allows you to make it very secure and tight, but a pain if you clean often. Vivosun uses velcro, which is eay and convenient but can lose grip over time.

After all said and done, these are a few extra features that you should look at when considering your first or next grow tent. The option option is always the automated electronic grow box with wireless connective capabilities called the Grobo.

Hope this helped in your next purchase.

Happy Planting

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