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Re-Potting plants (Help them grow in a big home)

Transplanting/Re-potting your plant is the act of taking your plant from a starter pot to something larger. Some plants, depending on your desired final size can be re=potted more than once.

Re-potting your plant will add new life by providing your plant with a larger source of nutrients and water. Never under estimate the power of providing your plants with a larger home.

Material needed....

The first Few Steps to re-pot your plant are;

After creating the hole, carefully removed the plant from its current container. We usually have the clone or seedling in a plastic cup which we can flip upside-down and then gently squeeze to help remove the plant.

If the plant if ready, you will see roots and the dirt should remain clumped around the base. You will also see roots from the side of the dirt.

From here, you place the un-potted plant into the hole you have created and cover with soil .

Now all this plant needs is some water and sun.

After a few days you will see the plant begin to grow, patience is a virtue.

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