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Starting from scratch can be quite a lengthy process. Most of us won't go out on the first day and buy everything that we will need over the next few months in growing. It takes time to learn and know what products you will use and which you won't, some you like and some you hate. This post is the first of hopefully many to help fellow growers, and make the process a bit easier.

First of all I'd like to start with assuming that tents and lights have been dealt with, if not please check out our post on them. Secondly, nutrients are based on the user and if you want organic or synthetic. Please see the Nutrient post for more on that. These are basic accessories that will make life so much easier. So after you by extension cords here whats next:

  1. 1. Glasses

I know, even when it comes to regular sun glasses, keeping track of them and having them when you need can be a pain, BUT these are so important if you are like me and will be in your tent every day. This will help your eyes so much. The blast of blue lights can really damage your eyes, so getting these glasses sooner than later, will help a lot.


In my opinion it is the best option and gives you the best view in blue light.

  1. 2. Shears (scissors)

A good Pair of Snips will be your best friend throughout the entire life of your first plant and hopefully all to come.

DON'T just use house scissors and DON'T you bathroom nose hair trimmer (was my first choice).

BECAUSE, kitchen scissors have a thick edge and does not make a good cut, and nose hair trimmers will become tiresome on your hands. PLUS: they will get so much crystal on them you may want to let them soak and not contaminate anything.

  1. 3. Rubber Maid Bins

This will make the filtration and test of water so much easier!!!! Buy a few, drill some holes in the top and put your pots on-top.....DONE.

Now you don't have run-off in your tent, and later they are quick to empty, and you can use this to test the pH of the soil, should you get much deeper into the control of growing.

Drill holes in the top to help with drainage.
  1. 4. FANS

AND no I don't mean Supporters, as much as we'd all love them.

A good Inline fan can completely change your grow, reducing stress and cost over time. I suggest a well rated IN-line fan as well as 1-2 side fans in your tent depending on size. This will keep air moving, reduce smell, mold, temperature, humidity and basically everything to create a healthy environment.

TIP: I would get one with a temperature/humidity reader built in and as Ricky would say “get two birds stoned at once” and skip the next one. I suggest the AC infinity T4 or T6 model which both work beautifully and even have alarms should the threshold be reached.

  1. 5. Temperature/Humidity Reader

So depending what FAN you have, you may have one built in, but if not, this is very necessary. Try to get a 2-in-1 reader with a memory so you can track potential temperature changes.

Canadians and anyone else living in colder climate areas will know how quick temperature can change inside, especially if you grow in a older residence that has a draft.

We had one grow which a plants life was quite hard because at night it would drop temperature for a few hours at night, and that crazy change did not help our plant.

Of course, if you have any additional comments, please reach out any time.

We have more information on our YouTube channel as well.

Happy Planting.

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