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The Monstera Plant – Your Guides to this Amazing and Monstrous Tropical Indoor Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa (sometime referred to as the Swiss Cheese Plant) is also sometimes called the split leaf philodendron, but note this is not a philodendron. The most common name, simply Monstera is a beautiful, large tropical plant that can give your living space that much needed feel. Native to Southern Mexico, the Monstera is known for its large leaves(sometime 2 ft) with slits or holes in them.

This beautiful tropical indoor plants are very easy to care for. They are typically found in hot southern climate, and can both grow in a vine-like way up trees, as well as root in the ground.

Typically and indoor plant in North America, Monstera’s like and climate around 20-30°C, normal room humidity and medium to high inderect light but can sometimes be adapted to more intense light.

Watering should be done every 1-2 weeks and allowing the soil to dry in between.

There are a few other varieties of Monstera plants which are quite amazing. The Monstera Variegata, is similar in shape and size but looks like its been painted partially white. The Monstera Adansonii, is a smaller variety of the plant we all know and love, yet the holes are still surprisingly large. The monstera pinnatipartita has larger leafs and grow slits instead of holes.

The Monstera Dubia and the Monstera Siltepecana are two beautiful varieties that do not typically have either slits or holes. The two difer in size, and the Monstera Dubai is more of a smaller vine-like version of the Monstera, but both beautiful.

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