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Easy Pothos Propagation! (Cloning your Pothos for more plants!)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to propagate Pothos plants. Pothos is a great beginner plant that does not require very much light and are fairly hard to kill. Not only that, but they are also very easy to propagate. This means you can buy a single plant and create as many additional plants as you like 🙂

The first stage of propagating Pothos plants is finding a mother plant with a vine long enough to get a few cuttings.
Cut the vine off the mother plant in between two leaves.
The vine that we will take cuttings from and it's mother plant.
Each leaf on the vine is another potential Pothos plant. Notice the brown nubs sticking out of the bottom of the vine near the connection of each leaf. These are where the new roots will begin to sprout.
Cut out the internodal stem pieces between each leaf. Make sure to leave the stem pieces containing the root nubs attached to the leaves.
Gather your finished cuttings in a sort of bouquet and put them in a jar of water so that the root nubs are submerged.
In a few weeks, you should start to notice the root nubs expand and elongate as they develop. These cuttings will be ready to transplant once the roots are several inches long.

Please see 2nd Step for propagation Here.

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