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‘Re-Vegging’ Your Plants Small or Big – For Whatever reason!

Quick background – Veg stage is where the plant gets max sun and in focusing on growth, usually above 14 hours light and can be up to 24 hours for some strains (but a dark period is recommended). Flower Stage is where is begins focusing on Bud Production, 12/12 light/dark.

Re-Vegging your plants, or force-Veg, is taking your plant that is currently in Flowering Stage and bringing it back to Vegetation stage. So your plant will begin to focus again on size.

There are many reason why someone would have a plant going through this process.

  • 1. If you took a clone from a flowering plant
  • 2. If the plant loses light for a period of time and starts to flower.
  • 3. You decide the plant is not big enough and start of flower
  • 4. Quick Condition or Environment changes.

For whatever reason your plant is going through re-veg this is what it will look like and what will generally happen.

The plant will go through a pause in growth as it will switch its chemical uptake and chemical processes in the plant.

After a bit of time under Veg light ( usually above 14 hrs of light) the plant will begin to enter the Veg stage again.

You can tell this process as started, as your plants will start producing single point leaves.

It will basically start similar to growing from seed, start with a single point leaf, followed by a 3 point leaf then 5 and so on. After about 4 weeks, plant should be producing regular 7-9 point leaves.

If access to clones or seeds, re-vegging cut plants or flowering clones is a great way to continue your cycle.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you have any questions please leave a comment or email us directy.

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