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Nutrients Systems – Green Planet’s Great ‘Medi One’ 1 Part System Kit

Beginning to grow is a very exciting process and for most of us, involves learning a few new things along the way. Our process of transitioning from mainly outdoor gardening to indoor growing also involved a bit of a learning process, that continues to this day and will for time to come. One of the more difficult parts involves nutrients.

When planting indoors, your plants lose access to the nutrient system it would have access to if you planted them in your outdoor garden, deep in the soil. This causes indoor plants to require a little bit more care and caution when comes to nutrients.

Most beginner indoor gardeners will use a basic Garden Center fertilizer they already have which may burn out your plant. Depending on which species of plant you may be working with, different options of Nutrients will be available to you, and one of which we use and enjoy is from Planet Green, and 1 Part Medi One.

Medi One, is a 1-part based nutrient system derived from fish proteins that helps make macro and micro elements readily available for your plant. This organic based nutrient system is a great product and worked wonders for our plants.

Medi One (N-4 P-3 K-3) is a dark viscous liquid, that has a potent smell which may throw some people off. Shake well before use, and gets added by about 1-2 mL per L once or twice a week through all stages of your plant's life.It works very well. This product does stand alone as stated, 1 part system, but that is more the base nutrient system, but this does work best with additional additives.

It is suggested to mix with a few other green planet product for best results. These products include Massive Bloom, Resin, Liquid Weight and Ocean Magic. These 5 products comprise Green Planet's Kit #1.

There is definitely a benefit to using all 5 products as each product will add something specific to the mix resulting in a healthy and larger plant, and for havrested plants, a bountiful yeild.

You can mix these product in the same 4L jugg of water if you like as well which make feeding your plants a little easier. This easy to use kit is an excellent addition to any grower's arsenal and definitely recommended.

Green Planet also offers more intense nutrient systems for growers that want a bit more control which come with either a 2,3 or 4 part base nutrient with additional additives. Dual Fuel, GP3 and Hydro Fuel all offer different controls and I would definitely give these products a look if your looking for something a little extra. All of these products are very affordable and can expect about 4-5 grows at least out of a 1 L bottle.

We use 3 out of the 5 bottles just because at the time we would looking for the best bang for buck and these 3 do work amazing, although I would suggest all 5.

For a video on us using some of the medi one products see:

Happy Planting.

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