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Nutrient Lock Out Fix in Soil – How to Step By Step with pictures

Lock-Out can happy due to over watering, over feeding, cold and pH problems as well as other less common reasons. This causes your plant to no longer pull nutrients from the soil or medium you are growing in.

Our Nutrient Lock-Out was due to over watering and temperature. Our plant looked in rough shape, and was not happy, and the solution: Flush the Soil.

This involved me using about 10 Litres of pH’d water, 5L at a time, while the plant was on a great over a sink for maximum drainage.

I began pouring the water in slowly, until I saw run-off start to drain out the bottom. Then proceeded to water approximately 0.5-1L at a time and wait till run-off stops. Repeat this process until 5L was used.

Then I used a 2L dilute solution of basic nutrients (Green Planet’s – Medi One), about 1/8 potency, and slowly poured in, waiting until run-off, stop wait until in stops, and repeat.

Then I used the next 5L of pH’d water and flushed again, using the method I previously used.

Once the next 5L was used to flush the soil I made up a 1/2 potency (compared to nutrient instructions) solution of nutrients, and applied in to the soil. After this was done, letting run-off drain out the bottom, I left the plant.

After a few days, I began to see the plant slowly respond slowly with the leaves correcting in colour, and new growth with proper pigment growing. The plant over the next few days drastically changed showing sings of new life.

Before/After Trimming and Topping

After a quick hair cut, you can see how she quick recovered and began to grow again.

If any problems persist, flush again and use less nutrients in the final stage. Increase water for larger plants, and make sure soil dries properly afterwards.

I hope this helped, and I hope you enjoyed.

Happy Planting.

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