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N.P.K Values Intro- What you need to know to Maximize Growth

N.P.K value stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. It is usually shown as 3 numbers. (ei. 3-2-1) which would mean 3% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorus and 1% Potassium. These nutrients came become deficient or abundant if improperly used. Using Soil as your growing medium is the most forgiving for beginner growers.

Nitrogen is a key factor in the part of the plant that converts sun light to energy(chlorophyll) and is very important for the vegetative state and the first part of the flowering process. You should be using nutrients with a higher Nitrogen value. This should be dropped to a very small percentage later parts of the flowering stage.

For more information on how Nitrogen affects your grow cycle please see the Nitrogen Post (coming soon).

Phosphorus is a major component in the energy cycle of plants, an strongly helps root growth, stem strength, protection against disease, flower development and promotes an all around vigor to your plants. Phosphorus is an important part in all cycles of your plants growth. Deficiencies will look like dark patches throughout the leaf.

For more information on how Phosphorus affects your grow cycle please seethe Phosphorus Post (coming soon)

K -Potassium which is noted by a K based on its symbol in the periodic table is the next key ingredient (macro nutrient) needed to optimize plant growth. Potassium is a key item in the plants movement of water and all around energy processes. This will in general promote faster and stronger growth in your plant. This deficiency starts with dark patches ad proceeds with brown drooping tips.

For more information on how Potassium affects your grow cycle please seethe Potassium Post (coming soon)

These are the main additives you should consider to promote healthier and faster growing plants, other than water and light. The next steps would be to start considering the PH of the water you are giving them.

Fixing these issues in the early stage is quite do-able. Using a basic plant nutrient feed should come with the necessary amount of all 3 nutrients to keep it looking healthy.

**Quick Tip* go buy the big 4L containers of water from local Walmart and mix 1/1 with tap water, and it will drastically help. If you can use 100% of that water than do.

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