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Maintaining Equilibrium – Keeping a Healthy Environment for your Plants

While growing plants indoors, maintain the perfect environment for the plants is very important for healthy growth.

This is something that most people underestimate in the beginning, but once you start to dive little deeper in the growing world, you find its a much bigger factor which more variables than you think.

The one thing you have to keep in mind, that everything added to your system can have multiple affects, for example: adding a fan to introduce air circulation can if not properly placed can create wind burn, or drop temp/humidity in the tent.

The Main things to focus on is Temperature, Humidity, and Air Flow.

You want to keep the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius for most of the plant’s life, early stages it is much more important to maintain this temperature but the range really is between 18-28 degrees (for optimum growth) Celsius before you start to see changes in performance and growth.

This picture was taken during the plant’s night cycle so understandable the temperature will change slightly once the lights are turned off. But the added heat from the light is something very important to consider during the plant’s day cycle.

This all start with where you are growing.

If you are growing in a building, house, condo or any regular residence with proper heating and cooling, you should be fine with heat, the issue for you will be reducing the heat once a light and other electronic are added to the system. If you put your tent near a window, that will also affect the temperature of your system depending on drafts and light penetration.

The best way to reduce heat is with an inline fan which literally pulls all the hot air out the tent and allows cooler air from the vents to enter, which also helps with air circulation. This is the best way, but if you are still have issues, you may need to look into small air-conditioning units.

The next factor is humidity, now you do have plants in a small closed environment, which should be easier so change the humidity quite quickly. For this it mainly depends on how humid the room the tent is in, but most of the time, a small humidifier works excellent.

While plants are small, seedlings and new clones, you can have a higher humidity (around 50-60%) but not much more, and once plants are a few weeks old they work well in a humidity between 30-40%.

The last factor is Air Flow. This will drastically improve the life of your plants and stop certain issues you may have throughout your grow (including bugs or mold). Air Flow can also make life difficult with improper flow. Make sure your fan is not extremely powerful nor placed directly onto a plant (this will cause wind burn). I found the best option is a regular 20-30 cm oscillating room fan with a pole mount. this can be placed in one corner which does not take up room on the flower that can be used for plants.

I hope you enjoyed this post and provided some healthy insights.

Happy Planting.

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