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Easy Pothos Plant Cloning #2 (Planting the cloned cuttings into medium)

This is the continuation of the First Pothos Propagation post. In this post out cuttings have rooted nicely in the water and we will be planting them into a new pots.

The first step is to remove and separate the cuttings from the water.

Take out each of the cuttings and separate them.
Prepare the medium you will be planting in, in this case we are just using a small cup of soil.

Once the cuttings have been separated, set up the medium where you will be planting the Pothos Cuttings. We used 3 cuttings per planter.

Placing roughly 3 cuttings per pot.

Once the Pothos Cuttings have been placed in the dirt. cover the roots, and water nicely.

After a few days the smaller leaves will begin to grow, and a shoot will become apparent on the side, which is new growth and will continue the vine.

Thank you a tuning in.

Happy Planting

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