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Simple Plant Cloning Steps (Making new plants from old plants)

Cloning plants is easy and a great way to keep a specific strain that you enjoy.

Cloning is the act of cutting a branch from a plant, and starting a whole new plant from that branch. This clone will be the same strain as the Mother Plant.

What you will need:

Select the portion of the plant you would like to clone, and have the medium you a transferring the clone into. ( You can use rock wool, and other growing medium’s as well. We are using soil.)

Make the cut. We have selected a lower branch…

  1. Area has the oldest hormones so if hardest clones to root
  2. Nest to oldest hormones, easier clones to root.
  3. Newest Hormones, easiest clones to root.

To make the cut, cut as close to the main stem as possible, and make sure to have sharp sheers or scissors.

After you make the cut, you need to the prepare the removed branch for rooting. For this step we use a rooting hormone.

*(In the past we have used organic DIY rooting agents which involve (Honey, aloe and boiling water), but the rooting agent works best and increase rooting time significantly.*

To Begin, cut the bottom stem of the branch at a steep angle 45-60 degrees. The steeper the cut, the more surface area the rooting hormone can affect.

From this point pour some rooting agent out on to a clean surface. Then dip the angled cut stem into the rooting agent. Make sure it is nice a covered.

We used Pro-Mix Stim Root and have had excellent results. You can order this product Here.

From here, insert the end which was dipped into the rooting agent, into your growing medium (the soil in a cup for us). Do not bury the stem to deep.

Lightly moisten the soil, we use a spritzer bottle, and then place in a warm environment under an every day room light. We are using a clone-dome and a desk lamp which we find works really well. Other people like to leave it on top of their Fridge.

This Process is very easy to do, and can work sometimes much faster than starting again from seed.

I hope you learned from and enjoyed this quick step guide.

Happy Planting

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